Sunday, May 31, 2015

It Is time to

It is time to

Heart beats
Single rhythm
Hand in hand

Wake ... Hear ... Know
Distant drums
The highest hills
Souls awaken
Struggling to hear

The sound
Memorial Day

Who can measure
The sacrifice
Risking all
To protect freedom

Such an elusive tale
Freedom to extend
The boundaries of humanity
Freedom to pursue self
At any cost

Freedom to return
Dragging the bodies of
Soul shattering anger and hate
In their wake

The victims leaving their victims
To lie
Weeping on that hallowed ground
Of freedom
For all

What have we done
To our children
Their innocence shattered

What have we done
To our inheritance
Its riches squandered

What have we done
To our to ourselves
Gifts scattered to the wind

When will we
Learn that sometimes
The price is too high

And the time has come
To turn
And return

Today I will

I am not perfect.  I know my limitations and they increase daily.  I know that most people try their best … But … Knowing that does it excuse being cruel?

Clouds creep softly through the trees,
dipping their toes into the soft earth
Leaving damp footprints,
 as they step lightly along the ground
Thirsty roots nudge their beds aside,
 sipping the cool air
Until relieved of their burden,
Their  tendrils,
 cotton candy soft
Joyfully Rise to meet
The sun

Misty musty
Feather dusty
Dip your toes and more
Sweep the floor with tasty lore
Until the senses cry for more
Then sated
Fade away

What is the price of
 a smile
A hand
Shared pain

What is the cost of
A shared laugh

What is the loss of
Mercy forgiveness

What is the proof of

Friday, May 22, 2015

Be Still and Know that I Am God

Be Still ... Quiet ... wait ... don't do anything ... listen ... breathe ...
And Know ... Be aware ... consider ... take it in ...
That I Am ... The beginning and the end ... alpha and omega ...
God ... Loving father ... King of kinds ... Lord of lords ...

What if ...
  my great plan is to rest, to enjoy God's peace
  my great purpose is to be His child
  my great task is to worship him and love His children
  my objective is to share joy
  His plan for my life is to be saved

I think I can do

October in Vermont 2007

October in Vermont 2007