Thursday, November 13, 2014

Alaska Gold
out of the mists of time
they run
rumbling and roaring
their time has come
come to get treasure
and riches to spare
come to dig gold
from the mountains
so rare

into the mists of time
they return
wounded and weary
they're playing no tune
the mountain gives nothing
but sorrow and pain
return to their homes
to live once again
into the mists
where once they did start
their tears wash the mountains
who watch them depart
Who you are
you are you ...
no matter what the outside looks like ...
you are still you ...
no matter what you do ...
you are still you ...
no matter what anyone thinks ...
you are still you ...
no matter your age ...
you are still you ...
no matter who likes you, who doesn't ...
you are still you

you are still that little girl who ran around for hours
without getting tired,
who made I Love You's for Valentine's Day,
who kissed cards for Mothers Day and Fathers Day ...
you are still that young woman
who wondered what her life would be,
that grown woman
who walked with a snap in her step,
that woman who age crept up on,
age that stole youth,
and health, days and years ...
and when this puny planet
returns to cosmic dust ...
you will still be you
because love never fails
and I love

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Muse Muse where are you
sittin by a stream
laying by a tree
strolling by me
Tasty trippin'
down my tongue
surpy syrup
best to none

chocolate cherry
lemon tart
lick your lips
the lovin' starts

sweet tart hearts
I love the sound
tossed in the air
and drink them down

Another Acrostic for Katlyn

Kissed by the sun
And loved by the moon
Toasting hot cocoa
Laced with sweet creamy spoons
Young love is tasty
Nature's sweet boon

October in Vermont 2007

October in Vermont 2007