Saturday, August 08, 2015

The Ancient Ones

one gone gone
the life we knew
Gone gone gone
So many so few
Gone gone gone
Where once was sun
Gone gone gone
The ancient ones

Hunters we are
We have no home
Rootless we are
Sinew and Bone
Travel we far
From hill to plain
Taking our lives
In meat and grain

Plentiful was
The new green land
Generous with
Stream and sand
Gave us all
And growing we
Took them all
And set  it free

Gone gone gone
The plant and stream
Gone gone gone
To dust and weed
Gone gone gone
The land was sown
Gone gone gone
Now ash and bone

Stretching out
Shore to shore
We ring our kivas
Save our stores
Taking all
The land will give
Moving on
So we can live

Gone gone gone
The wood and bine
Gone gone gone
This land of mine
Gone gone gone
No water flows
Gone gone gone
To live we go

Stealing caves
From fox and bear
We learn to live
Above the air
We build our towers
Strong and tall
Encamp our children
Fill our hall

With legs grown strong
We climb our homes
Our dusky desert
Colored tombs
Strong and fierce
We’ve made our way
We are the captains
Of our day

Gone gone gone
The trees and streams
Gone gone gone
Our hopes and dreams
Gone gone gone
Our fertile vale
Gone gone gone
Again we fail

One last look
And then we go
Our father’s strength
Our present woe
We cannot live
There is no life
And so we move
To stay alive

Gone gone gone
Our day is done
Gone gone gone
To our new sun
Gone gone gone
Our temples bare
Gone gone gone
But who knows where

Gone gone gone
Our life our sun
Gone gone gone
The ancient ones

everyday heroes
live everyday lives
everyday things
sunrise to sunrise

everyday heroes
clean dishes sweep floors
pick toys up
and kids up
work - play - and then more

everyday heroes
are here for a while
they love us and cheer us on
mile after mile

everyday heroes
unsung not unloved
we'll see them again
when we all meet above

everyday hero
i'll never forget
you gave all you had
now you're gone
and we're left

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Inspired by  "Once Upon a Gypsy Moon" by Michael Hurley ... you rock!

under a gypsy moon
I lay beneath the stars
Polaris smiles upon my bark
as it carries me to the stars

under a gypsy moon
where the wind and the waves sublime
carry me far from home and then
return from that salty brine

under a gypsy starry sky
under a moon so bright
and a ocean so deep and long and still
that it ever steers me right

let me take that gypsy moon with me
in my pocket nearest my heart
and I'll sail the seas to the end of the world
where day and night depart

and the second one is:

once upon a gypsy moon
with the sea blowing wide and high
cradled on my rocking deck
I watch the stars go by

time stays its hand
that moonful night
winds whispering soft and low
while all lay slumbering in their beds
in eons far below

once upon a gypsy moon
she sings sweet, cajoling still
calling me to return once more
to her windswept misty hills

copyright haikujin 2015

October in Vermont 2007

October in Vermont 2007