Saturday, July 25, 2015

Inspired by  "Once Upon a Gypsy Moon" by Michael Hurley ... you rock!

under a gypsy moon
I lay beneath the stars
Polaris smiles upon my bark
as it carries me to the stars

under a gypsy moon
where the wind and the waves sublime
carry me far from home and then
return from that salty brine

under a gypsy starry sky
under a moon so bright
and a ocean so deep and long and still
that it ever steers me right

let me take that gypsy moon with me
in my pocket nearest my heart
and I'll sail the seas to the end of the world
where day and night depart

and the second one is:

once upon a gypsy moon
with the sea blowing wide and high
cradled on my rocking deck
I watch the stars go by

time stays its hand
that moonful night
winds whispering soft and low
while all lay slumbering in their beds
in eons far below

once upon a gypsy moon
she sings sweet, cajoling still
calling me to return once more
to her windswept misty hills

copyright haikujin 2015

Sunday, May 31, 2015

It Is time to

It is time to

Heart beats
Single rhythm
Hand in hand

Wake ... Hear ... Know
Distant drums
The highest hills
Souls awaken
Struggling to hear

The sound
Memorial Day

Who can measure
The sacrifice
Risking all
To protect freedom

Such an elusive tale
Freedom to extend
The boundaries of humanity
Freedom to pursue self
At any cost

Freedom to return
Dragging the bodies of
Soul shattering anger and hate
In their wake

The victims leaving their victims
To lie
Weeping on that hallowed ground
Of freedom
For all

What have we done
To our children
Their innocence shattered

What have we done
To our inheritance
Its riches squandered

What have we done
To our to ourselves
Gifts scattered to the wind

When will we
Learn that sometimes
The price is too high

And the time has come
To turn
And return

October in Vermont 2007

October in Vermont 2007