Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Poetry Month Musings ... Week Three (and more)

Day 17 – Katrina … Acrostic

Kissed by the sun
And sought by the moon
Timeless and ageless
Replete with swoons
Ideological logical
A more loyal friend has never been sought

Day 18 … Dirge

The sea sifts swiftly
Through the remains of the wastrel waif

She plummets through wild
Undisturbed by their ferocious frenzy

Picking through scattered remains
Announce their fate … only


Day 19    Epigram

Beware the sound protagonist
He rarely is antagonist

Day 20 … Gnomic Verse

Last hired
First fired
The saddest words it’s true

My day was gladdest yellow
And now I’m only blue

Waste not
Want not
Comes very close behind

 I threw away leftover stew
And now I’ve only wine

The early bird
Gets the worm
And I slept in too late

My job is gone
My lunch is gone
My bed is out the gate

He who laughs last
Laughs best, it’s true

I woke up from my nightmare
My sunny sky is blue

Day 21 … The Circle --- Concrete Poetry

        Two around
  Three times or four
 Minus one just for fun
      And soon there’s

Day 22 … Heart

It thrums through my body
Like a drum
You’re not home yet

It pounds through my veins
Like bolts into steel
The doorbell rings

It abandons my bones
Leaving water for ice
An unfamiliar face

It recaptures my senses
Translating words into meaning
She’s fine

What does it do?
What does it not?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Poetry Month Musings ... Week Two (and a half)

Day 8 -- Etheree

your swift return
and I wonder how
many times I have sat
here in this very lonely
place hoping for I know not what
yearning for the beginning to end
longing for what I cannot comprehend

Day 9 -- Katauta

Cme to me my love
Soft in the willows embrace
Two will become one

Day 10 -- Pantoum

The sounds of singing
Reverberate throughout the cr until
Within a sudden silence, chaos erupts
And screams for more fill the air

Reverberating throughout the car
In uncertain melody
Fades past the enthusiastically wrecked tune
Igniting the sudden hilarity
transforming a cacophony of voices and

Fading into the enthusiastically wrecked tunes
Surging past open windows to throw back the sound
Transforming the cacophgony of voices into
The sounds of singing

Day 11 -- Penultimate

The first has import
All of its own
The beginning of something
Before the seeds are sown

The last has its place too
The ending of what had begun
The last piece of applie pie
The setting of the sun

But though first and last
Must have their place
In the continuing scheme of life

It's what happens in between the two
That makes or breaks our life

The penultimate moment
Not just started not quite done
Is what makes our lives what they are
When our final race is run

Day 12 -- Haiku (sort of)

Smokey air
scented with appetite;
summer Bar-b-que

Day 13 -- Free Verse

You look tough
the stance
head thrown back, daring your world
scowl on your face, daring your family
eyes narrowed, daring yourself

But inside
that scared little girl
still peers around her mother's legs
don't go.....

Day 14 -- Palindrome

Rum rum I murmur
was it a bat I saw
No, it is opposition
Now I won

Drawn onward
Solo gigolos
strap on no parts

Name not one man
no, tie it on

Rum rum I murmur
I'm a pup am I
Egad an adage
I prefer pi

Oh stone be not so
Now sir a war is won
Never odd or even
No word, no bond, row on

So may Apollo pay Amos
Set a broom on no moor Bates
Do  not start at rats to nod
Diaper or repaid

Rum rum I murmur
Gnu dung
Rats live on no evil star
In words alas I drown

Day 15 -- Epithalamium ... Katlyn and Russ

Two trees start as seedlings
one in a field and one in a dell
growing straight and tall and strong
and happy as any can tell

As they grow their lives are not
without its pain and woe
for only that true inner life
can cause new seeds to grow

Into their days they chance to meet
and field and dell do play
and lightened hearts do see a match
that harder trials will stay

Today we  honor two sweet hearts
that choose to live entwined
where hope and love will hold hte day
forever for them divine.

Ode (sort of)

thank you mr irs
for taking this fine time
to remind Americans young and old
it's time to pay the fine

the fine for living here so free
the fine for hearth and home
deductions only some can take
now that they money's blown

so thank you mr irs
for taking once again
the little that you let me keep
and shall we say, Amen?

Day 16 -- Anaphora ... Best Flat Belly Exercise

Run upstairs and get the diapers
Run downstairs and get the sippy cup
Run upstairs and get the wipes
run downstairs and get the blanket
Run upstairs and get the laundry
Run downstairs and the child running upstairs
Run downstairs and start dinner
Run upstairs and start the bath
Run downstairs and get another diaper
Run upstairs and pull the diaper out of the toilet
Run downstairs with the towels wet from sopping up the floor
Run upstairs and put the babies in the tub
Run downstairs with two wet babies wrapped in towels
Run upstairs with two dry babies dressed in jammies
Run downstairs and do up the dishes and pick up toys
Run upstairs and collapse in bed without dinner

Monday, April 07, 2014

Poetry Month Musings ... Week One

Poetry Month

Day ... Comment ... Type of Poem

One Fun:   Haiku (sort of)
Coffee beckons sweet and hot
The pot is full
The page is not

Two Haiku
Clouds weep onto
Silvering leaves ...
Spring rain

Three Free:  Shadorma
Reinforms my life
Creates me
Sustains me
Changes me from inside out
Together we grow

Four:  Anaphor(a) ... kind of
Hang on a sec
It's basketball
Hang on a sec
It's hockey
Hang on a sec
It's football
Hang on a sec
it's tennis
Hang on a
Hey where'd you go?

Five:  It's alive   Abecedarian
A vowel needs
Enough and thus
Is five enough
Or is one
Undoubtedly possibly so


Six:  pick up sticks    Anaphora
The sun peeks out
from the edge of the world
from the shade of the day
from the mist of eventide
from yesterday
from the known
till she tires of the game and plunges
into the break of day

Seven:  it's heaven    Free Verse
Watermelon cake
tangerine skies
molten sun...
falls from the sky

cranberry ice
dips and curls
through furroughs of chocolate
rich as pearls
watermelon cake
is oh so nice
on warm spring days
or warm spring nights


Thursday, April 03, 2014

Reinforms my life
Creates me
Sustains me
Changes me from inside out
Together we grow

shadorma poetry

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

the sky blinked back tears
cloud furrowed forehead
leaning against the wall
wept the mural into life
pain became remembrance
and the future became

October in Vermont 2007

October in Vermont 2007